This is our final photo contest this year to qualify contestants for the 2021 National Pageant in Orlando, Florida.

A total of 40 titles will be awarded!

Only $15 per photo.

Contestants can enter up to 10 photos at $15 each.

Winners will receive one of the 3 crowns above or our new preliminary crown which can be seen on our Facebook page. 

All photos must be submitted using the form below. It is our way of insuring everyones photos are posted. We WILL NOT accept photos via email or Facebook messenger. I’m sorry  but there will be no exception made to this. It makes the process too confusing.

If an entry form comes in without a photo attached on the form it will be refunded.

COVID has made the 2020 pageant year nearly impossible to hold live pageants! We have SO MANY big things in store for our 2021 Miss Heart of the USA National and we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to compete.

We will be awarding $5,000 in CASH along with an additional $5,000 in PRIZES at the 2021 Miss Heart of the USA National in Orlando, Florida. Nationals will be held July 3rd, 2021!

These titles we are awarding are sashes that we have left over from prior Miss Heart of the USA preliminary pageants. Rather than them go to waste, we decided to customize a final photo contest to award them with the opportunity to attend Nationals with your entry fee paid.

Out of the 40 titles being awarded, 9 are state specific meaning they can only be awarded to a contestant that resides in that state or a neighboring state.

 5 of them are scholarship titles meaning they are awarded like a peoples choice title. Those titles are awarded based on votes. Each vote is $1 and the top 5 contestants with the most votes are awarded those title. All money raised from that goes directly to our scholarship fund.


5 titles are awarded based on the support you receive on Facebook. The top 5 contestant with the most “likes” on their photo at the end of the contest period will be awarded these titles.

The remaining titles are age division based.

Please read the rules regarding this contest:

If you have already won a Miss Heart of the USA photo contest qualifying you for the 2021 Miss Heart of the USA National, you are not eligible to enter this contest. We appreciate your support but COVID has caused alot of cancellations this last year. We are trying to give as many little girls possible the opportunity to win one of these queen kits. Its why we have kept the entry fees so low. Please help us out by referring a friend.

Please don’t message us asking if we received your entry. If you submitted the form and completed your checkout via paypal I can assure you we received it. Your photo will be put up within 48 hours of receiving payment. I’m a mom and work full time so when we get a message immediately after someone has paid it only slows the process down further. : ) However, aside from that … I am happy to answer questions. The best way to reach us is by messaging us on our Facebook page. 

When submitting a photo please take into consideration the clarity of the photo and do not submit a photo that includes other people.

You must register based on your age as of January 1st, 2021.

Tiny Miss 0-3
Future Little Miss 4-5
Little Miss 6-7
Petite Miss 8-10
Junior Miss 11-13
Teen Miss 14-16
Miss 17-21
Ms. 22-30 
Mrs. 22-30 
Elite Ms 31 and up